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     Cynthia has worked as a certified dental assistant in Saskatchewan and Alberta for the past forty years. With her job being very systematic and structured, she decided to broaden her artistic side. In 2010 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts. Cynthia’s work is in private collections across Canada and the United States. 

     In 2017 she became a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and volunteered as their Secretary for the Calgary Chapter. She enjoyed volunteering and learning from fellow artists and has become a member of Calgary’s well established art societies as Calgary Sketch Club, established 1909 (Juried Membership) and Leighton Art Centre (established in 1974 by Barbara Leighton). Cynthia is currently the Secretary of the Calgary Sketch Club.

     Cynthia's  playful approach to painting is a way to turn off her rational thinking, a place to study experiences and create something that pleases her senses. When she paints, all her attention goes into capturing a moment or a hint of sunlight hitting a flower that make each piece meaningful to her. 

    Through her choice of colours, textures and supports, her pieces exert exhilaration, excitement and an inescapable charge on the space it occupies and also the viewer who engages with it. The dynamic colours on the canvas have a way of illuminating the room, producing a physical activity where each piece exists in a distinct place and time, responding to the pull of light, gravity and water. The vibrant colours saturate the surface from edge to edge, asserting a presence that the viewer will find too alluring to ignore.

    To Cynthia, her work exist as all things exist in the world - in motion. 

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