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Cynthia has worked as a certified dental assistant in Saskatchewan and Alberta for the past thirty-seven years. With her job being very systematic and structured, she decided to broaden her artistic side.  In 2010 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts.

Cynthia resides in Calgary, Alberta with her husband Douglas and their dog Finn.  She has recently become a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists and currently the Secretary of the Calgary Chapter. Her work is collected across Canada and the United States. 

    She is a contemporary painter, whose aim is to translate the essential nature of her subjects by unearthing some qualities that may have previously escaped scrutiny. The effects of her strong brushstrokes, expose the dimensions of colour and tone that disrupt the nature of the image, transforming them into a painterly landscape of abstract proportions which produce a textural nuance.

    The images contained on the canvas transcend still life. These are images in a distinct time and place, responding to the pull of light, gravity, water and Cynthia’s brushstrokes.